Pricing built for all sizes
Pay only for what you use

Integrated platform


What's included?

  • Access to complete feature set

  • Unlimited admin panel users

  • Unlimited sites and personnel

  • Complete redundant data logs and cloud storage

  • 24/7 customer support

Get a custom package

  • Available for companies or governments with high user volume.

  • Volume Discount




How does pricing work?

At the end of the month, every app user that was registered in your company for more than 48 hours during that month gets totaled in an end of month bill. You are charged $12/user that worked for you. Admins are not included in this bill.

What if I make a mistake with an invitation?

Don't worry, you will always get 48 hours to correct any mistakes before the users are added to the counter.

What happens to the counter when I delete a user?

If you delete a user when they've been added for 48 hours or less, they are not added to the counter. However, if you delete them after this point, they will still be included in the end of month bill. However, next month, you will not be charged for the user.

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