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About us

Integrated Infrastructure

A reporting tool unified through a platform

We utilise our expertise in technology and deep understanding of safety and incident management reporting to develop a platform that truly meets our users needs. Combining ease-of-use reporting with geolocation technology and big-data management to create a solution that gives clients assurance over their business in real time.

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What do we offer?

A technology-first approach to reporting and safety

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Check in

Check in and check out of your site with one tap. No more manual time-keeping, our system keeps track of it for you. We even generate a report that gives managers all the information they need at a single glance. 

Designed for Busy People

50+ features packed into 5 buttons

The utility of a tool shouldn't be limited by its looks, but it should still look great. That's why we racked our brains to fit the data you want into a simple five button process.

Rapid Scalability

A tool that will grow with your

Whether you have 3 or 3,000 employees, Clrview will meet all of your needs and grow with you. From our pricing model to our technology we are designed to automatically scale in order to meet your business needs at any stage.

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Simplicity at its finest

How to get started?

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Legislative Compliance

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Create a company account and start using Clrview in your day to day operations.